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Gorilla Feetz? I haz ’em!

Gorilla FeetzAren’t they purty?

We did it.  Go Geek Go and I purchased our Vibram Five Fingers AKA Gorilla Feetz this morning.  Mine are a lovely shade of lavender and grey.  He has the TRUE Gorilla Feetz – all in black.  Now we’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

Well, almost…

The instructions that come with this unique footwear suggests wearing them for 1-2 hours a day for at least the first week.  Srsly?  Actually yes.

I am a barefoot baby.  The only time I wear shoes is if I’m going outside or going somewhere that requires footwear.  I love shoes, but I don’t particularly care for having my feet encased in what often feels like medieval torture instruments.  Even with all this time spent barefoot, it’s not quite the same as being barefoot all the time and building up the the strength of your feet and legs.

Did you realize that there are 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles, and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons and ligaments in each foot?  And every day we wear shoes to do things like run, we are robbing ourselves of the true strength and balance our unshod feet can provide us.  This is controversial for some reason – probably because of how much companies like Nike and Reebok have invested in shoes.  It’s silly because shoes are needed.  It’s not like the world is going to go barefoot.  But seriously – shoes just aren’t needed for running.

After wearing my new footwear for a while, I can tell you without a doubt that I feel the difference – not only in my feet but in my legs.  There are different muscles being worked.  My balance is different.  I feel a bit achey because of it.  Freaking fantastic! No, seriously. That’s fantastic. It’s exactly what needs to be happening right now. It means I’m being set back to a natural carriage and more natural movement.   W00T!

Go Geek Go and I will continue breaking in our new footwear.  The first run ought to be interesting. I’ll let you know.



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Gorilla Feetz & Me

Some are born mad. Some remain so. — Samuel Beckett

vibram_five_fingers Clearly I’ve lost my mind.

Tomorrow morning bright and early, Go Geek Go and I are leaving to drive 2 hours to pick up some Vibram Five Fingers footwear.  It’s bad enough I’m getting up early on a Sunday, getting into a small vehicle and driving two hours (attn Go Geek Go — coffee is required).  But to then plunk down my hard earned money on a pair of monkey’s feet is adding salt to the gaping wound!

The last go around with this running thing, I was plagued with injuries – tendinitis, shin splints, and mystery pains that made running very miserable.  In the middle of one run my feet hurt so bad I took off my shoes and ran the rest of the distance barefoot.  It felt good.  My calves ached a bit more than I was happy with, but it felt good to run without my feet laced up and restricted.  After that  toyed with the idea of barefooting it.  Everything I found fell into two camps – huge proponent or huge detractor.  There wasn’t a middle ground, no single person who said, “maybe”.

The more I read, the more I was convinced that this was the way to go.  I was never able to prove my theory because I never ran the marathon.  I was, however, shunned into silence by people who laughed at the “idiocy” of running barefoot.  I would have been stupid to even try, I was told.

This time, I’m not concerned about what people think or what they say about my stupidity.  I know my body mechanics and I know how I run.  I am comfortable with the research I have seen and the information I have gathered.  I am ready to do this thing.  I just hope that the Vibram Five Fingers footwear is comfortable enough for me to use.  I like the idea of some protection for my feet without binding me and limiting my movement.

So off we go tomorrow to investigate the fit and feel of my new funny footwear.  One step at a time…that’s how you get to the race.

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